Playground equipment

Recycled series

The RECYCLED series is a collection of devices created with the planet in mind. The devices are made of structural elements made from textile waste and foil, as well as boards made from fishing nets and ropes recovered from the oceans.

Active series

Especially for seniors, we have prepared devices that help maintain or restore proper body movement.

Qubix series

The QUBIX series are geometric constructions filled with activity elements. 

Jumpoo series

Jump to the sky!Jumping on the trampolines is a great fun, but also a great training! It allows you to strengthen your muscles, improve fitness and coordination, and at the same time reduce stress and tension, allowing you to relax. Our trampolines are available in various colours and thanks to the special structure of the elements, any combination of shapes.

Space series

The SPACE series is a fulfillment of childhood dreams of space travel. The towers almost 10 meters high, like space rockets, will lift children high above the ground. Colorful graphics, lots of activity and play elements, including tube slides made of the highest quality stainless steel, will not let you get bored.

Jungle series

The JUNGLE series will allow you to climb to the heights and conquer the unconquered. High, almost 10 meters above the ground, the greatest adventures will take place like in the crown of trees! Among green leaves, branches and colorful cheerful graphics, everyone will be able to turn into a traveler and explorer. High tube slides are real fun - not only for small kids, and the climbing elements are a challenge and encouragement to be active.

Robinia series

ROBINIA series is a playground equipment made of natural raw material - Robinia acacia wood, the most durable wood found in Europe.

Crooc series

The CROOC Series is all about beautiful, unique designs, vibrant colours and multi-tower playground sets that allow large group to have fun together. 

Nettix series

The NETTIX Series comprises modern equipment in the form of ladders and rope crossings, which constitute a combination of carefree fun and effective fitness training. 

Hoop series

The HOOP Series consists of roundabouts and spinners which drive the world of laughing children. 

Topicco series

The TOPICCO Series consists of generously-sized colourful vehicles which have been designed with attention to detail. 

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Recycled, a better way!

Caring for the future of children and future generations, the idea was born to replace our classic elements of play equipment construction with post-consumer recycled materials. As a result, we have created a group of Recycled products based in 100% on recyclable materials that lower carbon emission.