Playground equipment

Climboo series

The CLIMBOO Series comprises equipment that develops the fitness and coordination of older children, increasing their faith in their own abilities. 

Hoop series

The HOOP Series consists of roundabouts and spinners which drive the world of laughing children. 

Spring series

The SPRING Series equals pure energy on springs. It satisfies the child’s natural need for unrestrained and carefree swinging. 

Park series

The PARK Series is a necessary complement to a kid-friendly playground. 

Arena series

A multifunctional playground that can be an independent sports facility that allows you to play football, volleyball, basketball and much more.

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Recycled, a better way!

Caring for the future of children and future generations, the idea was born to replace our classic elements of play equipment construction with post-consumer recycled materials. As a result, we have created a group of Recycled products based in 100% on recyclable materials that lower carbon emission.